_______________________________________________________________________ Ledlyt background material

The following represented the State of Play about a year ago, and is included for completeness and to keep me honest. Modified webcam photomicrography is still the cheapest way to go, and may be adequate. The ledlyt housings have continued to evolve, but the core optical principle remains unaltered, and is expected to stay that way. The background contains details not covered by the main page.

Background summary

The ledlyt microscope stage illuminator is, as far as we know, unique. Two installations are now in professional use. We expect at the moment to be dealing with Australian customers only, but if you are outside this empty continent, e-mail us and we will do our best if we can. There are sections on the ledlyt, and economic high- definition photomicrography using the ledlyt as an illumination source.

Fundamentals - what has changed in bright-field microscopy, and why

The ledlyt power source - any microscope you can carry is now a field microscope

Pricing for the ledlyt system

The ledlyt Manual - the Full Works, for reference

Photographing without infra-red - extract serious picture quality from a webcam (text article)

Photomicrography using the ledlyt and a webcam sensor (pictures)