What's New 18th August 2007

Things on the permaflate front are quiet. We can make tubes and sleeves, and we have both. The Australian dollar has been flying up around 87 US cents, although with the current turmoil on the World stock exchanges, it is a long way down around 77 cents, which makes the permaflate a bit more affordable. As always we are happy not to sell you a permaflate, and with a modest delay would be equally happy to supply you with one.

We have moved, in all sorts of ways. The permaflate.com website has changed hosts in the last few days, after our previous hosts, who shall be nameless, went off-air for two weeks this February, taking this site with them.

We are still in Pakenham, Vic 3810, Australia but have moved next door to 7 Sykes Court. The local and international phone/fax numbers remain unchanged at 03 5941 4789 and +613 5941 4789 respectively.

A few years ago, when we gave up on costly credit cards for payments and shifted over to paypal, it was relatively new. It is common now, and the only way we can accept payment unless you live in Australia.

The 'free goodies' are still in the Colour Supplement

I can't live without it, but response to the burrlight has been underwhelming. It is still there, but you will have to dig it out from a one-line link. The opposite has happened to the trianglya compact Trangia burner stand. Free construction details are still in the Colour Supplement, but there has been a demand for built-up units, which are now in stock.

In 2003 this website was apparently the only one to remember Tekna, particularly the Tekna-Lite 2 torch or flashlight, and we did a good job putting people who still wanted one in touch with people who still had them. Tek-Tite (US) has revived the line and you can find them on www.tekna.us

I have expanded the Tekna section in the Colour Supplement in response to this.


The Colour Supplement - assorted camping projects, unlikely camping, and Links


The burrlight - ultralight high reliability hat-mounted illumination


Long Permaflate on Ice - Everything on the long permaflate. The rest of the permaflate material covers the short permaflate, as pictured above.

Read me First - Vital information on the (short) permaflate

Blowing it up - full inflation, deflation and packing details

General description - the permaflate and channel mat in words and pictures, but no music.

Technical assortment - tailoring, punctures and cold weather design basics

Permaflate enhancement - improving on the manufactured article

Typecasting - Do you match the permaflate profile?. Do you even care?.

Availability - How to buy, or ask questions. Updated 18th August 2007.


Addresses - Postal, phone, fax and e-mail addresses.

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