The permaflate Colour Supplement

What we try and include here is anything to do with non-motorised 'unlikely camping'. These days, constructing your own camping gear is definitely unlikely, whether it is sewing or engineering. Last is a Links section to other 'unlikely camping' Sites.

Time has passed. Many of the original projects shown here have been progressively developed. A new all-season wheeled sledge has replaced both the hiking cart and the Sliding Barrel. The demountable Trangia housing has been lightened and improved. All the obsolescent projects have been tidied into the Record section, for history students.

Making a cheap tent work Tent modification, for those with more sense than money

The tinyfilt water filter

the Trianglya - a triangular housing project for the Trangia burner

Testing, tuning and using the Trianglya

All-terrain sledge Mk 2.5 - the new sledge - stronger, lighter, faster

Building the all-terrain sledge Mk 2.5 A mammoth constructional article (long download time)

Repairing the Tekna-Lite 2 - if your much-loved torch breaks, fix it

Sleep warmer - A warm sleeping tutorial (no pictures!)

Fast waxing - XC skis or the all-terrain Sledge

Great camping half-truths - Deliberate controversy

Unlikely camping links

The Record Section

Slimming the classic Trangia cooker - if it's too big, make it smaller and lighter

Hiking with a cart - constructional details, not camping stories

The Sliding Barrel - build a tough, adaptable expedition sledge