Snow scene - Mt Erica

This was taken on 22nd July 2004 with a Casio QV-R40 at about 1.15 PM local time.

If, like me, you prefer to have the whole mountain to yourself, when there is snow up here you can enjoy it empty and untracked, apart from the paw trail in the photo, which is likely to be a small fox.

The downhillers go to Mt Baw Baw, the XC skiers go to Mt St Gwinear, but Erica, on the eastern tip of the Baw Baw plateau is visited on weekends by a few walkers making it up as far as Mushroom Rocks. Beyond that is a moderately snowy slope, and then the main climb, which is a stinker, and done with skins on the skis if the snow is not hard ice. If you have hard ice, you take off the skis and walk up. A walker or two per week makes it up if the snow is firm, but otherwise I do have the place to myself.

A high pressure area was overhead, and the sky was brilliant blue for just the one day. It was still, with a gentle Northerly late in the afternoon. The snow never melted, but I was in shirt sleeves, and stayed that way over lunch break. I had a last snack at 4 PM, with the lowering sun still warm on my back, and then sprinted for the car park far below. I made it just before dark, at about 5.30 PM. There were no other wheel tracks, so the car was as I left it.

Mountain fever? - I was high as a kite all day, and not smoking anything.



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