Permaflate availability. Updated 18th August 2007

Everone but me prefers captive stoppers. I'm important, so both captive and loose stoppers are still available.

There has been a second rewrite with the completion of the short permaflate design.

There has been a third rewrite with a major upgrade to the short permaflate design incorporating an insulating channel mat. Start of July 2000.

Research and development is an unpredictable business, but what may well be the last major alteration (the integration of the top mat into the design) has been completed and a rewrite done. 25th July 2000.

To guard against the possibility of a sharp tug on a captive stopper pulling it off its cord, the cord anchoring system has been upgraded. 1st January 2001.

Extreme currency meltdown has pushed us off US dollar pricing. If you are in the US you will have to work out the US dollar equivalent, and our postage costs may rise.

All prices are now in Australian dollars.

The 'channel mat' moulded double-skin closed cell mat will cost you $Aus 30 plus postage. E-mail us on the size required. You are welcome to source your own matting.

Tubes - $Aus 7 dollars each (seven make a typical set)

Ultralight sailcloth nylon three division sheaths, 1200 millimetres long - 30 dollars Australian each, with sewn on pillow and buttock pads.

Rubber bungs - loose 30 cents each

Rubber bungs - captive and installed on tubes 50 cents each

We can take cheques from within Australia. We have had to resign credit card handling facilities in the face of swingeing price rises for the service. We have signed-up for the paypal system run by Ebay. Unless you are already enrolled, this is initial bother for you, but as financial systems go, it looks to me like a good one. Consult www.paypal.com for details.


We will try to run mail order by common sense, which is as good a guide as any. As a rough guide the parcel cost at an Australia Post office for sending one typical permaflate bundle by first class airmail to the US is 15 US dollars. Second class airmail has been discontinued by Australia Post (Boo, Hiss). We have to add a few dollars for boxing. We very much prefer to send an insured package. Not only are they less likely to go missing, but the paperwork cover makes them much more traceable, as well as providing some proof the item has been posted. We will hand your package over the post office counter, and collect a receipt. If nothing turns up, e-mail us and we will see what we can do. When it turns up, e-mail us to let us know it has!

There are areas in the world, for example Russia and the Philippines where the Post runs by different rules. Any parcel that looks as if it contains items of value is unlikely to get through. Even in relatively civilised Australia, if a package or letter appears to contain a credit card, or drugs posted to a doctor's address, it is likely to be opened in the Post, the mailbox or simply disappears. If you live in a risky location we will have to rely on you for local knowledge on how best to get round the system.

As the global village expands, Customs harassment is decreasing, and you will probably find a card in your letterbox saying the parcel can be picked up at your local post office. Trade electronics parcels arriving in Melbourne required the unfortunate receiver to travel to the centre of Melbourne to pick it up from the international post office, which had full Customs facilities. The effects of September 11th on parcel delivery overseas are so far unknown.

We suggest if you want to buy, e-mail us your requirements and we will respond with some sort of quote.

A quick note to traders, or would-be traders in these airbeds. There are no middleman percentages built into the above prices, and if traders become involved, prices will have to rise. Of course if a US customer can buy one at their local camping store, plus odd tubes when required, there is no inconvenience and no postage, but we doubt if the postage elimination can pay for the markups involved. We are not looking for orders in the hundreds, or thousands, at present. We believe the permaflate is an exceptional product, and would like to sell enough to the World to see if it agrees.