Photo Quality

Following are original 400 kilobyte files of a few of the best photos shown, so downloading times will be long. Most browsers will allow you to save out the image by clicking it with the right button of the mouse. Once the image is loaded into your photograph manipulation program, feel free to vary lightness and possibly colour balance to optimise the photo for your monitor system. Further raising of the contrast is unlikely to improve things, and if you are viewing on an LCD screen, contrast may need lowering.

Copepod nauplius Zeiss Winkel 10X, ledlyt illumination

Phacus Zeiss Winkel 25X, ledlyt illumination

Algal colony probably Tetraspora sp. Wild Fluotar 40X, ledlyt illumination

Achnanthes (diatom) Wild Fluotar 40X, ledlyt illumination, prepared slide