The tinyfilt water filter

What is the tinyfilt?

The tinyfilt is a water filter using a thick compressed lump of cotton wool inside a plastic 35 mm photographic film 'cassette can'. This filter pushes onto a funnel made from a PET drink bottle which holds the unfiltered water, and filtered water drips from a hole in the end of the cassette can at about two liters per hour. The nominal filtration size is 2 microns.

The tinyfilt Manual
This is a plain text (ASCII with MSDOS line breaks) Manual that will tell you everything about building and using the tinyfilt. We suggest downloading and printing (roughly four double-sided pages). If you save out the file and load it into an editor (for example Windows Notepad) or a word processor, you can adjust the typeface and paging before you print. Notepad may need the left margin set to zero.

The picture book
If you object to reading English the picture book will give you a very quick idea of construction and use, leaving you to discover the details yourself. It really is no substitute for the Manual.

Legal Warning

The owner of the www.permaflate.com website is making no charge for the information on how to build and use the 'tinyfilt' and accepts no liability arising from 'tinyfilt' construction or use.

If you camp, for example, on the bank of an unnamed European river, and a few miles upstream there has been a major cyanide spill from a leaking gold tailings dam, the tinyfilt will undoubtedly make the brown muddy water much more palatable, but it will not remove the cyanide, which will kill you just the same. Taking care, and employing common sense, is up to you.