The permaflate Links

I am checking these links before posting. Progress will be slow. We would rather avoid sites that specialise in Bear jokes, or camp cooking recipes, but if they have good sections on how to make camping gear, or how to be anything other than a gear-freak, they may be included. E-mail breck@permaflate.com and I will have a look at your site, AND reply.

Specialty Outdoor Sewing offers high-tech tent and garment sewing, and has sewing hints and sources for specialised fabrics, not just within the USA. If you have downloading time to spare, or a fast modem, Penny has recently documented a river trip through the gorgeous country in, and south of, British Columbia.

Sastrugi is a snow-camping site specialising in 'how-to'. On a hot (Australian) January day a visit here brings a much-needed breath of cool air.

Anthony's Home Page has a good construction article on a roller system for loading a heavy, presumably Canadian, canoe on your cartop without breaking your back. The rest of the site includes excellent Australian bush photography.

Anthony's Home Page also now has a Trangia burner housing. In my no doubt biased view, it is not as stable as mine at present, but does require a great deal less metalwork. Improvements may be ongoing.

The Home Made Stove Archives 'Wings' has put together, after a good deal of searching, an archive of all that exists in home-constructed light camping stoves. Our modified Trangia is included, but there is plenty more lively innovation in this site. Note that if you include "www." in this link, you will end up in the wrong place.

Roger Caffin's bushwalking FAQ is part of a big organization website, but worthy of its own link. It would be too easy to say, with a sly grin, that the Conventional Wisdom on how to camp is all here. It is, of course, but there is much gold as well. Do I agree with all that Roger says ? Nope. Is what he says worth reading? Yes.